I did a 20 hour fast

Show me one person who has not gained weight during this #covid19 #pandemic. People let me tell you, I must have gained over 15 pounds from boredom eating and staying home so much when #corona first started in March in Jamaica last year. Sooo.. I’m all for having shape but let me tell you, I’m pear shaped and too much curves is just fat! I don’t care what people what to call it fat is fat.

Being overweight puts the self at risk of preventable diseases as we all know such as diabetes,hypertension and I could go on. I find that people hide under the guise of vanity and say they are ‘thick’. Well I am not. I got real fat with this pandemic and diabetes runs in my family. I’ve always been athletic, and I’m a trained dancer but I just could not stop with the bad eating.

Of course, I outgrew my clothes with this pandemic. Haha. Soo…this January, I decided to get back into my fitness freak self with excercise and dieting, you really have to watch what you eat when excercising or else you are just excercising as you my dear readers know with no weight loss, if of course, that’s what your aim is. I’ve found #intermittentfasting works. I’ve done the 16:8 and 13 hr windows but never a 20 hour fast.

Despite losing twelve pounds since January, I still eat badly and on Father’s day in Jamaica when I overate I stopped eating at 3:00 /3:30and ate later on in the afternoon the next day. I used the Zero app. The #Zero app is fantastic. Thank me later.

Here’s what I learnt:

  1. Mental Clarity- My mental clarity was on point! Honestly, I felt like I could answer and do everything I was asked to do. My mind was razor sharp and I was able to move threw my legal work with such speed and precision and razor sharp accuracy. I stuck to my schedule with ease. I was not distracted easily. I was so focused and not hungry at all. Is it that food messes up our mental clarity? Yes I know it depends on what type based on the plethora of articles but man, empty stomach and me and my brain were kicking it, my mind loved it.
  2. Mood- My mood was amazing , calm positve and clear. I haven’t had such an even steady mood in a longggg time. I added in some spirtituality here, felt focused on God, listened to some motivational sermons and talks. I really wanted to hug everyone, I really did. Nothing could move me that day.. Nothing. I felt..Serene. Yes, that’s the word totally serene.
  3. You Don’t Need to Eat As much as you Think-Really, you don’t. I’m not a nutritionist or doctor so ignore this point, but I still maintain half the time snacking or eating is involved it’s just really BOREDOM.
  4. Nice Skin- Your skin looks dewy the next day, or maybe it’s my imagination. Haha, either way it looked less bloated.
  5. Productivity- I was amazed at how productive I was. Something like a phenomenon, haha remember that song, I think it was LL Cool J or whatever hehe.
  6. Good sleep- When I stopped eating at three, I slept like a baby. Honestly, haven’t slept that well in a long time. Woke up feeling like a Queen.
  7. Digestion and Energy- Man my digestion was on point, I felt so good! I’m naturally energetic but this energy was through the roof ! I felt so ..unclogged.
  8. It’s not that hard- It’s not just stop eating early like three or two in the afternoon, and by the time you wake up you are halfway or more than halfway through.
  9. Push Yourself-I thought to myself, if i can go 20 hours without eating and feel the best I’ve ever felt, what can I not do? Challenges give you confidence

Soo..would I do it again? Absolutely! In fact, I think I’ll have dinner today at three after my big salad for lunch. Just make sure you eat properly (eat clean) and enough and on the days that you do those long fast. You will not feel hungry. Promise.

I did a 20 hour fast #intermittentfasting #jamaicanblogger #blog

IT’s good to rest your stomach sometimes. There’s a gamut of literature on #intermittentfasting too and as you know it’s good for weight loss .

Repeat after me ,summer body loading! Clear out that gunk and just do it!.

That’s what I got for now!

See you later lovies xx

PS: Originally it was meant to be a 13 hour fast that I pushed to 20hrs. Push yourself you can do this!


X, we are British

Recently, I met a British couple that moved to #Jamaica for work. They were lovely and friendly. But, I did notice a few quirks. Perhaps my global readers can respond. At the end of every message they would type xx. Is that the same as xoxo, or hugs and kisses. So I thought, benefit of the doubt, it was a nice gesture. Then the husband started to send me kissy emojis at 4:00 a.m and 5:00 a.m in the morning. Then the lips kissy emojis, hmm. So tell me y’all is that him being British or him just trying to play the field on his wife?

On top of it all, when I suggested that of course I would come over to their house to swim in their pool and I’d bring my cards, he suggested a strip card game. Mind you it would have just been me and this couple. When I put my foot down, they got offended, even though I went over and everyone pretended all was well. So after that no more kissy emojis from him to me. Interestingly, no more responses from him to me when I messaged with general responses about how to find their way around Jamaica.

In fact he has stopped talking to me completely. Maybe he is just busy? Otherwise, the friendship could possibly bloom but if not as they say in Jamaica ‘We nuh beg nuh friend’. Anyway, I think in any culture you want to take it his behaviour is inappropriate, so maybe I’ll focus on the friendship with the wife instead.

But I still love having global friends, so maybe give them a chance, what do you guys think? Time will tell.

The wife still types X in her messages though and now I’ve started to do it back. Haha, might as well blend right??.

I just simply had to vent.

PS: I think every blogger is allowed a ‘this kind of thing’ post right?

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Your #Jamaican girl.


Exploring Outside-Coffee is from Africa & More!

Sometimes when you are out for a fixed occasion with good company, you have to veer of the fixed location and go off the beaten track. Today’s plan was to take an English friend out to Cafe Blue in beautiful #Irish Town located in #Jamaica. Then we got curious, and decided to explore, isn’t exploration what makes life spicy! And since we are #vaxxed, it was like hellooo Outside!

If you have ever been to Irish Town, you will know its beautiful ! One of the good things that has come out of this pandemic is that nature is being revived and flourishing. So for example if you live in #Jamaica , I’m sure you’ve noticed that the crickets, called ciccadas are super loud both this year and last year. In fact, much louder than usual. apparently, they are breeding and doing their mating calls ad nauseum. Truth be told, at first I was wondering if I’m going crazy from the pandemic because I kept hearing crickets amplified, whew what a relief to know that its just the cicadas. In the US, they are having a major problem with cicadas :Cicadas emerge in 2021. How long will they be here? How loud are they? (usatoday.com). Yikes!.

Soo back to the story…we decided to go the beautiful UCC Craighton Estate which spans over 80 acres and was bought by a Japanese company. It is gorgeous and our tour guide Alton gave us a backdrop of the intricacies of coffee and its origins, like did you know coffee came from Africa? . You can read more here: The History of Coffee (ncausa.org)and I could go on. I’m a huge coffee head. Big up mama Africa. Hehe. But seriously, proud to boast that our #Bluemountain coffee is one of the best in the world. Once you hear the background about Jamaica’s Blue Mountain coffee in detail you’ll have a deeper appreciation for it. I cannot get enough our tasty gourmet coffee. You won’t either once you try it. I know so many coffee snobs who state that they just cannot drink #instantcoffee.

Side note: Be sure to ask for Alton, the tour guide,who has a great personality and is very knowledgeable. Plus ,we had delicious brewed Blue Mountain coffee and rum cake! Yum!! You can get in some fitness too, as our fitbit measured over 6,000 steps. Of course, the property wraps around the mountains so we couldn’t get to see the entire property which sits on land over 200 years old and is now owned by the Japanese company Ueishma Coffee company.

Anyway, the point is life lessons were learnt on this excursion, you can ignore the noise and focus on the beauty around you. Nature is spiritual, there is something magical being in fresh air, and don’t be afraid to veer of a set plan off to the beaten track, always have a Plan B and be willing to venture out sometimes beauty is around the corner.

It’s amazing how much knowledge you can gain from simple excursions especially if you don’t have the time to head out on the highway you can run to our mountains.

The grass is greener where you water it for sure and this country is paradise. I love Jamaica which has all its issues like everywhere else, to me it is one of the prettiest places on earth. This my Jamaica, the land of my birth. Paradise,

Check out the pics below!

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Human Connections

I’m not one for cliches, in fact most times that I hear them I want to say stfu but the one that goes ‘The strongest cure for another human being..is another human being’ is one that I agree with. See, the thing is I am an introvert or ambivert or whatever, one or a mix of the two. Actually, I’m extroverted when dancing on the dance floor, but I am a trained dancer…Haha.

So like I was saying us humans, we sure can get on each other’s nerves and drive each other nuts , but we need each other. More than ever #covid19 has taught us that.

With #covid19, there has been a lot of talk on mental health and the negative effects of isolation and restrictions that this has had on human beings. Because some days I don’t know about y’alll but I really feel like I am being pushed to the edge, these restrictions make me want to scream like Michael Jackson in that ‘Scream’ video. Y’all know that song right? I miss seeing my friends often for girls night, whether its for dinner, wine or whatever on a regular basis, bubbling down at a party in #Jamaica or the community of church. And yes I do my dance classes, excercise and distractions such as country trips but those are just distractions. Covid fatigue is real.

This covid fatigue makes you feel like something is missing. Yes, yes, I know look within, have hobbies, believe me I have tons but at the end of the day there is nothing like human connectivity, to hug, touch and laugh without fear or anxiety. May we never again take these things for granted! How are you guys coping? I write about this because yes I am a lawyer but I am also very artistic and writing is one of my many artistic outlets for me.

On the lighter side, I love how human beings have adapted in their quest for connectivity. I have made more new friends in this pandemic than before. Lately, I’ve been doing Spanish classes and also using a Spanish conversation app called Tandem which is kind of like WhatsApp, and making friends all over Latin America. It’s a pity I didn’t brush up on my Spanish when I had my Latino Costa Rican ex boyfriend when he was working in Jamaica, then maybe I would have caught onto his bs. Anyway.. I digress so….I’ve been joining online communites and forums and participating rigorously online in the online chats and discussions. I’ve even been chatting with friends on Instagram dms and believe I’m not an Insta person and have like 500 odd other ppl to add to my profile but I’m such a private person I only add the people I talk to very often, like real often.

Also, been catching up with old friends and acquaintances even on mediums such as LinkedIn(judge me:D) Yes I know it’s a professional site. Everyone appreciates a ‘how are you’ no matter the medium, so even if you reach out to an old friend on LinkedIn (just do it). A ‘how are you’ is so appreciated these days.

In this #covid19 I’ve had to be turning down a lot of men though..some of them in their quest for connectivity and all seem idle… .and I’m tired of ‘How is such a pretty girl like you single’.Pretty girls get tired of lame lines, gentlemen. Waiting patiently on my good guy..I’ve also turned down men trying to do long distance. Long distance connections don’t work for me…. Covid 19 has definetly got one thinging about what works and does not work…connection wise. Hmm.

So back to the blog topic, yes, humans have even been connecting on games as well and making new friends, just recently a cousin told me about some friends of his that lived nearby to my family home, that moved to Jamaica that want to meet me, see what I mean? Everyone wants to be connected. I’ve been also striking up random conversations with people, strangers on Mountain Spring, the mailman, ppl in the line at the atm…it’s an oddly beautiful thing, everyone just wants to talk and be connected. You learn so much from everyone. Pre-pandemic your girl would not be striking up so much random conversations. Point is, it’s force us to extend ourselves a lot more, and have more compassion. More Love. Because at the end of the day love is all you need.

There is beauty in this time. A time to reflect and meet the new. Be ready, be open and trust that the people you meet have good intentions.

Strike up a conversation with that stranger, that old friend, or old acquaintance you lost touch with and ask ‘How are you?’, you may just be suprised.

After all, we are all connected.

Till next time xx-DD

“The strongest cure for a human being is another human being”

I took the Astra Zeneca Vaccine! #covid-19

Hi everyone! So in the beautiful island of #Jamaica we have been getting vaccinated against the #Covid19 virus or rona, as some of us #Jamaicans call it. Today, an opportunity for me to get the first dose of the AstraZeneca (#astrazeneca) vaccine came up and I seized the opportunity “carpe diem!”.

Maybe, it’s because I’m from a family of doctors why I believe in science and this vaccine. Whichever, whatever. For some reason, I can’t get my head around the theories that this vaccine will change my DNA and put a chip in my blood. Nor that the aliens made it and I’m going to be abducted by a rising secret world order. Ahh boy. Man these conspiracy theories, there is no nice way to say this, are wild. Whichever way, beam me up Scotty!, Because I took it , well the first dose anyway, and my second dose is due in three months.

Onto my experience. I was so impressed by the organised nature of the vaccination. Everyone knows Jamaicans can be unruly. Lol. We do not like lines. Best believe at our National Arena today, the soldiers had us in neat lines that moved quickly. I arrived with my sister at the National Arena at 2:47, we were directed by mannerly soldiers to a never ending line. Oh well, I thought, might as well get prepped for another five hours. It was such a nice beach day too, the weather was windy and the sun had a nice heat to it, not scorch off your face heat but just warming. Too bad we are in the last of this weekend lockdown to not enjoy the beaches. None the less, I basked in the sunshine. I never take for granted, the fact that we have beautiful weather and the blessing to go outdoors in nature in #Jamaica. My friends up north are so envious and tell me they were struggling with the cold and being shut in. Count your blessings folks!

Surprise, Surprise. the line moved swiftly and within 2 hours we were in a pretty neat Arena. Beautiful videos and layout. The nurses moved swiftly along the lines and came to each person and did the jab quickly and neatly and trust me, I hate needles!. Oh! Please remember to take an antihistamine before, this is to prevent allergic reactions. Best believe I did, and never the less all was well. I’m so proud of my country #Jamaica and the efficient manner in which we administered the vaccines. I’ve never seen better lines and best behaviour. Maybe it was the soldiers. Lol. Big up to the soldiers, nurses and doctors today and Ministry of Health staff.

Me and my sister even took selfies for this historic moment in history, because we just extra lol. So how do I feel? I feel relieved. Even though I know the published medical reseach says one does offers 76% per cent effectiveness for three months at which time the second dose administered three months later the overall boost is over to 80%. Either way even with the little one dose, damn I’m excited. It definetly eases anxiety.

I see the light, and I pray our world can return to ‘normal’ soon. Whatever that can be called these days after this pandemic experience. So second dose, I’m ready.

PS: This vaccine thing is really a polarizing issue, I’ve seen it cause soo many fights and people get so heated about it (the pro and the anti). I prefer to keep quiet on my views in public. All I want to know is that I excercised my duty to protect myself and my civic duty by getting vaccinated and helping the cases go down.

So far, so good. I mean, it’s really been a few hours since I got but all will be well.

Till Next time-xx DD #AstraZeneca #takethevaccine #provaccine

My Two-A Day Rule

Hi Everyone! How is everyone doing?. I’ll answer from my end in the beautiful island of Jamaica, we still have Rona, and life is going on, but I’m doing well.. I think I’m started to adapt..adapt too well apparently because now I’ve started to tune out… but that’s another story. Oh! We got the vaccine in Jamaica, but that’s for another storytime too…

So… back to the topic of this blog. I’ve decided to make use of this time, wisely. I’ve created routines, been working out, you name it there’s a spreadsheet. It’s been working sort of. The problem I have is that I’ll go in and then burn out. Being in a go hard career (law) does not help with this ocd either.

Anyone else feel this? I’ll go super hard and then poof! As we all know, long term consistency is the key to success. I don’t think you have to be super bright, but I do notice that those who are the most consistent and organised rise above the brightest people who are inherently inconsistent and disorganised.

I’ve decided, just two days at a time for any big change I want to make. It’s been working. I just say just do it for two days, Dee, two days is all you need and that is enough. And after that? I start over and say just two straight days and it culminates. I’ve realised it’s a part of self love and growth, just being kinder to yourself overall. Or as my sister likes to say low hanging fruit.

Boy, do I feel better when the two days are up!. Because two days is so easy to accomplish and I feel less pressure, and damn good when accomplished. Rather than burning and going hard for weeks and then poof! nothing. Be kind AND gentle to yourself. Small Steps. Baby Steps and before you know it one day leads to another and another.

Most importantly, when those two days are up, I celebrate jump and down and squeal to myself, I think I give myself a kiss too. LOL. Judge me. It’s a part of the self love journey I’m on and I’m learning to chip away slowly bit by bit. You’d be amazed how much you accomplish when you just take those huge goals bit by bit. It’s the process for me. And it’s beautiful.

Oh! I always look at my spreadsheet continuously. I’m #Jamaican so you know I have to throw in a bible verse “A person without vision will perish” or something like that. But truly, make sure you have your vision in front of you. See it breathe it, feel it, because what you focus on expands. I see it, breathe it, feel it, for two days consistently at a time, and that is ENOUGH for me. And then I start over again.

Love yourself.

Two a day people. Try it, how do you guys stay consistent? Tell me!

Till next time xx Dee

I did a #Covid-19 Test!

Hellooo..Helloo, its 2021! and its been a while. Happy New Year my people wishing you everything good! All is well. I’ve personally themed it 2020-won we’ve got this! I mean we did get through 2020 (wtfudge was that?) Some good did come out..but that’s for another post…

Anyway, Rona, Covid-19 is still here. In this beautiful island of #Jamaica, we are chipping on and fighting strongly. So you know Christmas just done and New Years, (which was spent snuggling in my bed,), but that’s besides the point.. The point is as Jamaican people we love hug up and mingle during those holidays. I work for a major Chinese company in Jamaica and they are soo afraid of Covid and know how we stay.. so they decided to make us do a Covid-19 test before letting us anywhere near the office for 2021.

Guys…mek me tell yuh! I didn’t know what to expect, so I wore a nice pretty yellow dress and headed to the doctor’s office.. . I felt pretty confident, I do have a high pain threshold..right?!. I strutted pretty confidently into the doctor’s office when my name was called. The nurse took out what I thought looked like abnormally long Q-tips and said this will burn..a little. Cocky me shrugged, until..she shoved them up my nostrils.

Kiss teet (Hisses teeth) Right up guys, right up! All I can say is that it was straight fyah (fire), burn? It hot y’all . Real hot!! I boxed away the nurse when she did it, swatted her hands… I’ve heard its unpleasant.. but it hurts and it BURNS! Luckily the good news it last less than five minutes. That is LONG ENOUGH. REAL UNPLEASANT guys, I felt like someone threw straight acid in my nostrils.

None the less, I was glad when HR emailed me my results today. CLEAR!!!.Better be, I’ve been keeping safe when partaking in recreational activities and I not taking that madness again. I hear the throat swab test is worst. No thank you!.

So that’s what I got for now guys. Keep safe everyone!

PS. You don’t want to take that test ! Who came up with it ? Mercy.

Till next time!xx-DD

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My first time ever..

Got you with that title huh? Haha

But seriously its about my first time ever..budgeting! Yes, I’ve always rolled my eyes about people talking about tracking their money everyday all the time until…I tried it. Don’t get me wrong, I’m not careless about money. I grew up being told to invest as I was lectured by my parents who are big on investing and I still do to this day.

I just have bad habits. Like, the other day I really wanted to buy 5 pairs of shoes. Really? I know. It’s #covid19 time, and there is nowhere to go out to. It took a lot of self parenting to talk myself out of pressing that click button to approve card and cart. Sigh, those shoes were beautiful and I like pretty things. In fact, I can frequently be found almost comatose from ogling shoes and clothes online all day, refilling and emptying my basket. Sometimes I just close my eye and swipe. Until the pain of almost near pay day comes.

My next toxic habit is pharmacy shopping. Yes I really do need those overpriced scrubs, oils and lotions that I never use much and, a ton of cute notebooks, five million clips and cute pens and it could on. I call it boredom shopping because everything out here in #Jamaica is so marked up. I know I’m not the only one that does this! So I allocated $,5,000.00 to pharmacy and overan by $600.00. Trust me I would spend more in the pharmacy without that restriction like wayyy more. For food, I’m emotional. I love to treat myself to overpriced lunches at pricey places when I’m having a bad day, which when I first started my new job felt like everyday. Oh my pocket. Spanish Court might as well have given me voluntary residency. If your #Jamaican you know that as lovely as SC is, it ain’t cheap.

So for food out, I restricted myself to buying only callaloo and treated my Dad for father’s day. I felt so good. My bank account did too. And I could go on. I’m amazed at how much I’ve saved. #Covid19 has made me so conscious and appreciative of my blessings especially in #Jamaica where so many have lost their jobs and undertaken pay cuts.

God works in mysterious ways but I know his ways are good. I think this experience is his way of forcing me to become more conscious. How have you become more conscious? Every little bit counts. In fact, I’m so motivated that I can’t wait to do my spreadsheet for July. As of late, I’ve gone spreadsheet crazy on everything, but that’s a story for another time.

Track your money folks, you’d be amaze at how much you waste. It all adds up. If you’ve ever wondered why you can’t treat yourself to a super fancy or nice vacation or staycation end of year, the answer may be in your penchant for something as simple as buying those expensive face scrubs you don’t need. You’d be surprised.

Cheers to conscious living.

Till next time xx-DD


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Truth? I’ve never been into cooking. But with all this downtime I’m having being quarantined with #covid19 in #Jamaica, I figure that now is the time to use the time wisely. Afterall, there is a chinese proverb “In every crisis there is an opportunity”. I whole-heartedly agree, never waste a crisis. So cooking has been on a part of my list to hone during this unusual time. I want to come out of this experience having grown and developed. Don’t you? Plus get extra practice while waiting for my husband in the making. Ha ha. If your Caribbean or Jamaican you know we love our food.

So imagine my delight when trying my hand at banana bread and lasagna I gave the best sampler my four year old Nephew who yelled out “Dee this is delicious!!!”. They say kids say the darndest things and one thing I know for sure is kids are honest with their opinion.That motivated me to say hmm now will I cook next? I know my nephew is honest,adults will try sugar coat it but it was gobbled up by everyone in my house!:).

My takeaways from my furore into cooking, it takes patience, attention to detail and confidence ! Who can go wrong from developing those?

Cooking is just one of the things to my skillset though and I think it’s important that as humans we self assess how we can learn and grow continuously. Soo this post is short but I am feeling pretty excited and sharing the pics of my banana bread and butternut squash and spinach lasagna.

What have you been working on recently? Or are you bogged down in the news?

PS: I’ve stopped watching the news..so much so I forgot what time curfew was when I was out on the road late..but that’s a story for another time.

Till next time xx-DD

I did yoga for 30 days Straight- Review of 30 day Home Challenge Yoga with Adriene

Truth ? I’ve never been a yogini. Is that the word for it? In fact, I am a jumpy or should I say was a jumpy person which got worst especially with #covid19. So after lots of researching, I discovered #yoga which is practised a lot in #Jamaica and its touted health benefits of the mind body unison and its healing powers such as for anxiety, depression and it goes on. The literature I read were a mix of scientific journals, casual blogs and health mags and the yoga sites.

So I thought as a #caribbean girl why not try yoga? I’ve been loving YouTube and from my youtube research discovered, Yoga With Adriene. So I decided to take the #yogawithadriene #ywa 30 day Home challenge. It was rough for me in the beginning and some days I started off like her dog Benji sometimes lying on the mat which has been marked up by my baby nephew, before getting into it. I did it every day for 30 days.In fact, I only missed one day but got back on it and doubled the following. And now? I’m hooked! I’m starting to feel happier and calmer. So here are my takeaways:

  1. You become more empathetic-I’ve always been an empath so I feel and absorb the emotions of others around me but a judgmental one. I’ve started being more empathetic, and seeing it from that person’s point of view and definetly judging less. It’s amazing and has definetly made me pause on a lot of things.
  2. Eases Anxiety- My anxiety has been less these days. It’s not gone, but it’s manageable and that has been life changing for me. My panic attacks I get the ones where you feel like your dying and yelp sometimes are going away, which is miraculous! #Anxiety is not a nice thing to have. I’m hoping after doing yoga for twelve weeks which is the ultimate goal, it will disappear completely.
  3. The Divine/God- It really is a mind body soul unison. I’ve always been spiritual and followed Christian beliefs. It really has brought me closer to God I must say. He is Real. Realer than my obsession with chocolate and anything I’ve ever known.
  4. It will make you cry unexpectedly/open- I am a rare #INFJ personality based on the Myers-Briggs personality test and I feel frequently feel misunderstood. Try out the #myersbriggs test guys. We hoard our emotions and suppress negative feelings and gloss things over. We are unusually sensitive. Any INFJs in the house?Essentially, in short, we love to have a bubblegum view of the world, believe everyone means well, and are unable to handle and process negative emotions well. We always want to feel happy. After my breakups last year plus a couple deaths of people I’ve danced with, grandfather, and a friend, and colleague all close together, I’ve been puffing out my chest, oh I’m fine, I’m fine, la,la,la. Right. And then Christmas came and the bad feelings but I was unable to cry. Here’s the thing, I’m born one week before Christmas and every holiday season I am always happier than the lark. Not this time, it manifested itself in my anxiety, panic attacks and “tinnitus”, some weird sound that I’ve never had in my life. I knew I needed to cry but the tears wouldn’t come. At all funerals, my eyes were dry. I was bothered that I could not cry but boy did yoga make me cry and in #Jamaica we say #bawl. It makes you release everything you’ve been holding in and I am so excited about that. I welcome the overdue tears. In fact whenever I cry these days, I get really excited.Weird I know. In fact, I cried on day 30 too. But I’m opening again. If you need to feel or open and feel what you don’t want to feel ,yoga is for you. It releases you.
  5. Self-Love and Self Compassion- I’ve been binging myself on podcast, self love literature,books, videos non-stop hoping to magically feel better. I know some days aren’t going to be happy, that’s life ,but I like to feel good. I digress, It’d work sometimes, for awhile. Then I’d start to doubt myself and ruminate. Classic infj quality, rumination. Yoga makes you ruminate less or none at all. I knew it started to work when I started to say to myself “Girl you are amazing, you deserve to be happy, you deserve the best, you beautiful thing you. It’s okay to make mistakes.”, “You are not perfect, and you don’t need to be.” “God’s got this” (how freeing to truly feel that) “It’s okay to have a bad day” and “its OK to not feel okay”, naturally.And yes self love teaches all of that, but what happened is I started to say it automatically. All of a sudden, these beautiful thoughts started to pop in my head randomly. Without intention, as before, I’d have to train my mind to think but it just happens now. The negative self chatter because your mind automatically drifts to the negative, is less and going away. And that it is mind blowing. I can’t wait to see what happens when I continue for the twelve more weeks.I am so truly inspired, I may just keep it up for the rest of the year. With the way how 2020 is going, it’s like a whole year in each month, I may need to.
  6. You will drop people- As I start to love myself more, I’m beginning to be able to step away from things and step back from people that are not good for me. Yoga makes you really in tune to feel these things. Your gut gets turnt all the way up. You realise you don’t need to people please and that whatever and whomever is supposed to be in your life, will be in your life. I am able now to let go of the things and people that do not serve me. I’ve always heard the phrase in yoga “leave it all on the mat” and it’s true. Each time, I step on the mat, I leave it all there and release. That mat is like magic.
  7. It’s therapy- Yoga serves you in so many ways. I can’t describe them all here. You have to experience it for yourself.
  8. It’s not Easy- Yoga is not easy. It’s not all zen and butterflies. It’s hard, damn hard actually especially as a beginner and sometimes I struggle but I push through. There is a reason, those seasoned yogis looks so strong and toned!. But I show up every single day, looking weird and not getting the poses exactly.Nothing worth having is easy and yoga will teach you that. But it’s worth it, I promise you.
  9. Your body changes- I’ve gotten um longer. It looks that way. I don’t know how else to describe it. You get leaner and more toned, it affects muscle that don’t get reached in other excercises. Your posture improves, so you looks taller and you get STRONG. I lift weights but this is a different kind of strong. Everything gets easier, burpees, running, dancing and that is exciting. Excercises I previously couldn’t do or struggle through all of a sudden, I can do now. I’m no couch potato, I love to excercise actually, so with these yoga benefits I’m here for that!
  10. Perfection and Consistency- Yoga is not about being perfect. If you are a perfectionist, it releases you from that. In fact if you saw me doing yoga, you may laugh lol. I do the poses, but I can’t get them all exactly right and that’s OK. Sometimes I tumble over too.Another time, I nearly threw out my knee. It’s about being consistent. Showing up every day,whether you feel like it or not and consistency is really my only goal this year. I’m here for all that.
  11. Home- Home is internal. I can see why she themed it that. Home is happiness and it really does make you more positive.Home, I am. Thank you, Adriene ,for changing my life.
  12. Yoga with Adriene:https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KWBfQjuwp4E&list=PLui6Eyny-UzzFFfpiil94CUrWKVMaqmkm, that’s the link.

So I laugh as I read that last sentence about yoga changing your life and would roll my eyes when people would say it in their reviews online, but yoga really does change your life. It’s stable and consistent when you follow through and has kept me grounded through these challenging times. I will be doing yoga for the rest of the year!:)

The yoga community is big in #Jamaica and I can’t wait to resume or should I say properly commit to real life classes when this is all over. Cheers to life! Till next time-xx DD

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