I did a 20 hour fast

Show me one person who has not gained weight during this #covid19 #pandemic. People let me tell you, I must have gained over 15 pounds from boredom eating and staying home so much when #corona first started in March in Jamaica last year. Sooo.. I’m all for having shape but let me tell you, I’m pear shaped and too much curves is just fat! I don’t care what people what to call it fat is fat.

Being overweight puts the self at risk of preventable diseases as we all know such as diabetes,hypertension and I could go on. I find that people hide under the guise of vanity and say they are ‘thick’. Well I am not. I got real fat with this pandemic and diabetes runs in my family. I’ve always been athletic, and I’m a trained dancer but I just could not stop with the bad eating.

Of course, I outgrew my clothes with this pandemic. Haha. Soo…this January, I decided to get back into my fitness freak self with excercise and dieting, you really have to watch what you eat when excercising or else you are just excercising as you my dear readers know with no weight loss, if of course, that’s what your aim is. I’ve found #intermittentfasting works. I’ve done the 16:8 and 13 hr windows but never a 20 hour fast.

Despite losing twelve pounds since January, I still eat badly and on Father’s day in Jamaica when I overate I stopped eating at 3:00 /3:30and ate later on in the afternoon the next day. I used the Zero app. The #Zero app is fantastic. Thank me later.

Here’s what I learnt:

  1. Mental Clarity- My mental clarity was on point! Honestly, I felt like I could answer and do everything I was asked to do. My mind was razor sharp and I was able to move threw my legal work with such speed and precision and razor sharp accuracy. I stuck to my schedule with ease. I was not distracted easily. I was so focused and not hungry at all. Is it that food messes up our mental clarity? Yes I know it depends on what type based on the plethora of articles but man, empty stomach and me and my brain were kicking it, my mind loved it.
  2. Mood- My mood was amazing , calm positve and clear. I haven’t had such an even steady mood in a longggg time. I added in some spirtituality here, felt focused on God, listened to some motivational sermons and talks. I really wanted to hug everyone, I really did. Nothing could move me that day.. Nothing. I felt..Serene. Yes, that’s the word totally serene.
  3. You Don’t Need to Eat As much as you Think-Really, you don’t. I’m not a nutritionist or doctor so ignore this point, but I still maintain half the time snacking or eating is involved it’s just really BOREDOM.
  4. Nice Skin- Your skin looks dewy the next day, or maybe it’s my imagination. Haha, either way it looked less bloated.
  5. Productivity- I was amazed at how productive I was. Something like a phenomenon, haha remember that song, I think it was LL Cool J or whatever hehe.
  6. Good sleep- When I stopped eating at three, I slept like a baby. Honestly, haven’t slept that well in a long time. Woke up feeling like a Queen.
  7. Digestion and Energy- Man my digestion was on point, I felt so good! I’m naturally energetic but this energy was through the roof ! I felt so ..unclogged.
  8. It’s not that hard- It’s not just stop eating early like three or two in the afternoon, and by the time you wake up you are halfway or more than halfway through.
  9. Push Yourself-I thought to myself, if i can go 20 hours without eating and feel the best I’ve ever felt, what can I not do? Challenges give you confidence

Soo..would I do it again? Absolutely! In fact, I think I’ll have dinner today at three after my big salad for lunch. Just make sure you eat properly (eat clean) and enough and on the days that you do those long fast. You will not feel hungry. Promise.

I did a 20 hour fast #intermittentfasting #jamaicanblogger #blog

IT’s good to rest your stomach sometimes. There’s a gamut of literature on #intermittentfasting too and as you know it’s good for weight loss .

Repeat after me ,summer body loading! Clear out that gunk and just do it!.

That’s what I got for now!

See you later lovies xx

PS: Originally it was meant to be a 13 hour fast that I pushed to 20hrs. Push yourself you can do this!


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