X, we are British

Recently, I met a British couple that moved to #Jamaica for work. They were lovely and friendly. But, I did notice a few quirks. Perhaps my global readers can respond. At the end of every message they would type xx. Is that the same as xoxo, or hugs and kisses. So I thought, benefit of the doubt, it was a nice gesture. Then the husband started to send me kissy emojis at 4:00 a.m and 5:00 a.m in the morning. Then the lips kissy emojis, hmm. So tell me y’all is that him being British or him just trying to play the field on his wife?

On top of it all, when I suggested that of course I would come over to their house to swim in their pool and I’d bring my cards, he suggested a strip card game. Mind you it would have just been me and this couple. When I put my foot down, they got offended, even though I went over and everyone pretended all was well. So after that no more kissy emojis from him to me. Interestingly, no more responses from him to me when I messaged with general responses about how to find their way around Jamaica.

In fact he has stopped talking to me completely. Maybe he is just busy? Otherwise, the friendship could possibly bloom but if not as they say in Jamaica ‘We nuh beg nuh friend’. Anyway, I think in any culture you want to take it his behaviour is inappropriate, so maybe I’ll focus on the friendship with the wife instead.

But I still love having global friends, so maybe give them a chance, what do you guys think? Time will tell.

The wife still types X in her messages though and now I’ve started to do it back. Haha, might as well blend right??.

I just simply had to vent.

PS: I think every blogger is allowed a ‘this kind of thing’ post right?

#cultureclash #blogger #jamaicanblogger #blog


Your #Jamaican girl.


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