Exploring Outside-Coffee is from Africa & More!

Sometimes when you are out for a fixed occasion with good company, you have to veer of the fixed location and go off the beaten track. Today’s plan was to take an English friend out to Cafe Blue in beautiful #Irish Town located in #Jamaica. Then we got curious, and decided to explore, isn’t exploration what makes life spicy! And since we are #vaxxed, it was like hellooo Outside!

If you have ever been to Irish Town, you will know its beautiful ! One of the good things that has come out of this pandemic is that nature is being revived and flourishing. So for example if you live in #Jamaica , I’m sure you’ve noticed that the crickets, called ciccadas are super loud both this year and last year. In fact, much louder than usual. apparently, they are breeding and doing their mating calls ad nauseum. Truth be told, at first I was wondering if I’m going crazy from the pandemic because I kept hearing crickets amplified, whew what a relief to know that its just the cicadas. In the US, they are having a major problem with cicadas :Cicadas emerge in 2021. How long will they be here? How loud are they? (usatoday.com). Yikes!.

Soo back to the story…we decided to go the beautiful UCC Craighton Estate which spans over 80 acres and was bought by a Japanese company. It is gorgeous and our tour guide Alton gave us a backdrop of the intricacies of coffee and its origins, like did you know coffee came from Africa? . You can read more here: The History of Coffee (ncausa.org)and I could go on. I’m a huge coffee head. Big up mama Africa. Hehe. But seriously, proud to boast that our #Bluemountain coffee is one of the best in the world. Once you hear the background about Jamaica’s Blue Mountain coffee in detail you’ll have a deeper appreciation for it. I cannot get enough our tasty gourmet coffee. You won’t either once you try it. I know so many coffee snobs who state that they just cannot drink #instantcoffee.

Side note: Be sure to ask for Alton, the tour guide,who has a great personality and is very knowledgeable. Plus ,we had delicious brewed Blue Mountain coffee and rum cake! Yum!! You can get in some fitness too, as our fitbit measured over 6,000 steps. Of course, the property wraps around the mountains so we couldn’t get to see the entire property which sits on land over 200 years old and is now owned by the Japanese company Ueishma Coffee company.

Anyway, the point is life lessons were learnt on this excursion, you can ignore the noise and focus on the beauty around you. Nature is spiritual, there is something magical being in fresh air, and don’t be afraid to veer of a set plan off to the beaten track, always have a Plan B and be willing to venture out sometimes beauty is around the corner.

It’s amazing how much knowledge you can gain from simple excursions especially if you don’t have the time to head out on the highway you can run to our mountains.

The grass is greener where you water it for sure and this country is paradise. I love Jamaica which has all its issues like everywhere else, to me it is one of the prettiest places on earth. This my Jamaica, the land of my birth. Paradise,

Check out the pics below!

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