Human Connections

I’m not one for cliches, in fact most times that I hear them I want to say stfu but the one that goes ‘The strongest cure for another human another human being’ is one that I agree with. See, the thing is I am an introvert or ambivert or whatever, one or a mix of the two. Actually, I’m extroverted when dancing on the dance floor, but I am a trained dancer…Haha.

So like I was saying us humans, we sure can get on each other’s nerves and drive each other nuts , but we need each other. More than ever #covid19 has taught us that.

With #covid19, there has been a lot of talk on mental health and the negative effects of isolation and restrictions that this has had on human beings. Because some days I don’t know about y’alll but I really feel like I am being pushed to the edge, these restrictions make me want to scream like Michael Jackson in that ‘Scream’ video. Y’all know that song right? I miss seeing my friends often for girls night, whether its for dinner, wine or whatever on a regular basis, bubbling down at a party in #Jamaica or the community of church. And yes I do my dance classes, excercise and distractions such as country trips but those are just distractions. Covid fatigue is real.

This covid fatigue makes you feel like something is missing. Yes, yes, I know look within, have hobbies, believe me I have tons but at the end of the day there is nothing like human connectivity, to hug, touch and laugh without fear or anxiety. May we never again take these things for granted! How are you guys coping? I write about this because yes I am a lawyer but I am also very artistic and writing is one of my many artistic outlets for me.

On the lighter side, I love how human beings have adapted in their quest for connectivity. I have made more new friends in this pandemic than before. Lately, I’ve been doing Spanish classes and also using a Spanish conversation app called Tandem which is kind of like WhatsApp, and making friends all over Latin America. It’s a pity I didn’t brush up on my Spanish when I had my Latino Costa Rican ex boyfriend when he was working in Jamaica, then maybe I would have caught onto his bs. Anyway.. I digress so….I’ve been joining online communites and forums and participating rigorously online in the online chats and discussions. I’ve even been chatting with friends on Instagram dms and believe I’m not an Insta person and have like 500 odd other ppl to add to my profile but I’m such a private person I only add the people I talk to very often, like real often.

Also, been catching up with old friends and acquaintances even on mediums such as LinkedIn(judge me:D) Yes I know it’s a professional site. Everyone appreciates a ‘how are you’ no matter the medium, so even if you reach out to an old friend on LinkedIn (just do it). A ‘how are you’ is so appreciated these days.

In this #covid19 I’ve had to be turning down a lot of men though..some of them in their quest for connectivity and all seem idle… .and I’m tired of ‘How is such a pretty girl like you single’.Pretty girls get tired of lame lines, gentlemen. Waiting patiently on my good guy..I’ve also turned down men trying to do long distance. Long distance connections don’t work for me…. Covid 19 has definetly got one thinging about what works and does not work…connection wise. Hmm.

So back to the blog topic, yes, humans have even been connecting on games as well and making new friends, just recently a cousin told me about some friends of his that lived nearby to my family home, that moved to Jamaica that want to meet me, see what I mean? Everyone wants to be connected. I’ve been also striking up random conversations with people, strangers on Mountain Spring, the mailman, ppl in the line at the atm…it’s an oddly beautiful thing, everyone just wants to talk and be connected. You learn so much from everyone. Pre-pandemic your girl would not be striking up so much random conversations. Point is, it’s force us to extend ourselves a lot more, and have more compassion. More Love. Because at the end of the day love is all you need.

There is beauty in this time. A time to reflect and meet the new. Be ready, be open and trust that the people you meet have good intentions.

Strike up a conversation with that stranger, that old friend, or old acquaintance you lost touch with and ask ‘How are you?’, you may just be suprised.

After all, we are all connected.

Till next time xx-DD

“The strongest cure for a human being is another human being”

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