I took the Astra Zeneca Vaccine! #covid-19

Hi everyone! So in the beautiful island of #Jamaica we have been getting vaccinated against the #Covid19 virus or rona, as some of us #Jamaicans call it. Today, an opportunity for me to get the first dose of the AstraZeneca (#astrazeneca) vaccine came up and I seized the opportunity “carpe diem!”.

Maybe, it’s because I’m from a family of doctors why I believe in science and this vaccine. Whichever, whatever. For some reason, I can’t get my head around the theories that this vaccine will change my DNA and put a chip in my blood. Nor that the aliens made it and I’m going to be abducted by a rising secret world order. Ahh boy. Man these conspiracy theories, there is no nice way to say this, are wild. Whichever way, beam me up Scotty!, Because I took it , well the first dose anyway, and my second dose is due in three months.

Onto my experience. I was so impressed by the organised nature of the vaccination. Everyone knows Jamaicans can be unruly. Lol. We do not like lines. Best believe at our National Arena today, the soldiers had us in neat lines that moved quickly. I arrived with my sister at the National Arena at 2:47, we were directed by mannerly soldiers to a never ending line. Oh well, I thought, might as well get prepped for another five hours. It was such a nice beach day too, the weather was windy and the sun had a nice heat to it, not scorch off your face heat but just warming. Too bad we are in the last of this weekend lockdown to not enjoy the beaches. None the less, I basked in the sunshine. I never take for granted, the fact that we have beautiful weather and the blessing to go outdoors in nature in #Jamaica. My friends up north are so envious and tell me they were struggling with the cold and being shut in. Count your blessings folks!

Surprise, Surprise. the line moved swiftly and within 2 hours we were in a pretty neat Arena. Beautiful videos and layout. The nurses moved swiftly along the lines and came to each person and did the jab quickly and neatly and trust me, I hate needles!. Oh! Please remember to take an antihistamine before, this is to prevent allergic reactions. Best believe I did, and never the less all was well. I’m so proud of my country #Jamaica and the efficient manner in which we administered the vaccines. I’ve never seen better lines and best behaviour. Maybe it was the soldiers. Lol. Big up to the soldiers, nurses and doctors today and Ministry of Health staff.

Me and my sister even took selfies for this historic moment in history, because we just extra lol. So how do I feel? I feel relieved. Even though I know the published medical reseach says one does offers 76% per cent effectiveness for three months at which time the second dose administered three months later the overall boost is over to 80%. Either way even with the little one dose, damn I’m excited. It definetly eases anxiety.

I see the light, and I pray our world can return to ‘normal’ soon. Whatever that can be called these days after this pandemic experience. So second dose, I’m ready.

PS: This vaccine thing is really a polarizing issue, I’ve seen it cause soo many fights and people get so heated about it (the pro and the anti). I prefer to keep quiet on my views in public. All I want to know is that I excercised my duty to protect myself and my civic duty by getting vaccinated and helping the cases go down.

So far, so good. I mean, it’s really been a few hours since I got but all will be well.

Till Next time-xx DD #AstraZeneca #takethevaccine #provaccine

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