My Two-A Day Rule

Hi Everyone! How is everyone doing?. I’ll answer from my end in the beautiful island of Jamaica, we still have Rona, and life is going on, but I’m doing well.. I think I’m started to adapt..adapt too well apparently because now I’ve started to tune out… but that’s another story. Oh! We got the vaccine in Jamaica, but that’s for another storytime too…

So… back to the topic of this blog. I’ve decided to make use of this time, wisely. I’ve created routines, been working out, you name it there’s a spreadsheet. It’s been working sort of. The problem I have is that I’ll go in and then burn out. Being in a go hard career (law) does not help with this ocd either.

Anyone else feel this? I’ll go super hard and then poof! As we all know, long term consistency is the key to success. I don’t think you have to be super bright, but I do notice that those who are the most consistent and organised rise above the brightest people who are inherently inconsistent and disorganised.

I’ve decided, just two days at a time for any big change I want to make. It’s been working. I just say just do it for two days, Dee, two days is all you need and that is enough. And after that? I start over and say just two straight days and it culminates. I’ve realised it’s a part of self love and growth, just being kinder to yourself overall. Or as my sister likes to say low hanging fruit.

Boy, do I feel better when the two days are up!. Because two days is so easy to accomplish and I feel less pressure, and damn good when accomplished. Rather than burning and going hard for weeks and then poof! nothing. Be kind AND gentle to yourself. Small Steps. Baby Steps and before you know it one day leads to another and another.

Most importantly, when those two days are up, I celebrate jump and down and squeal to myself, I think I give myself a kiss too. LOL. Judge me. It’s a part of the self love journey I’m on and I’m learning to chip away slowly bit by bit. You’d be amazed how much you accomplish when you just take those huge goals bit by bit. It’s the process for me. And it’s beautiful.

Oh! I always look at my spreadsheet continuously. I’m #Jamaican so you know I have to throw in a bible verse “A person without vision will perish” or something like that. But truly, make sure you have your vision in front of you. See it breathe it, feel it, because what you focus on expands. I see it, breathe it, feel it, for two days consistently at a time, and that is ENOUGH for me. And then I start over again.

Love yourself.

Two a day people. Try it, how do you guys stay consistent? Tell me!

Till next time xx Dee

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