I did a #Covid-19 Test!

Hellooo..Helloo, its 2021! and its been a while. Happy New Year my people wishing you everything good! All is well. I’ve personally themed it 2020-won we’ve got this! I mean we did get through 2020 (wtfudge was that?) Some good did come out..but that’s for another post…

Anyway, Rona, Covid-19 is still here. In this beautiful island of #Jamaica, we are chipping on and fighting strongly. So you know Christmas just done and New Years, (which was spent snuggling in my bed,), but that’s besides the point.. The point is as Jamaican people we love hug up and mingle during those holidays. I work for a major Chinese company in Jamaica and they are soo afraid of Covid and know how we stay.. so they decided to make us do a Covid-19 test before letting us anywhere near the office for 2021.

Guys…mek me tell yuh! I didn’t know what to expect, so I wore a nice pretty yellow dress and headed to the doctor’s office.. . I felt pretty confident, I do have a high pain threshold..right?!. I strutted pretty confidently into the doctor’s office when my name was called. The nurse took out what I thought looked like abnormally long Q-tips and said this will burn..a little. Cocky me shrugged, until..she shoved them up my nostrils.

Kiss teet (Hisses teeth) Right up guys, right up! All I can say is that it was straight fyah (fire), burn? It hot y’all . Real hot!! I boxed away the nurse when she did it, swatted her hands… I’ve heard its unpleasant.. but it hurts and it BURNS! Luckily the good news it last less than five minutes. That is LONG ENOUGH. REAL UNPLEASANT guys, I felt like someone threw straight acid in my nostrils.

None the less, I was glad when HR emailed me my results today. CLEAR!!!.Better be, I’ve been keeping safe when partaking in recreational activities and I not taking that madness again. I hear the throat swab test is worst. No thank you!.

So that’s what I got for now guys. Keep safe everyone!

PS. You don’t want to take that test ! Who came up with it ? Mercy.

Till next time!xx-DD

#covid19 #rona #Jamaicanblogger

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