My first time ever..

Got you with that title huh? Haha

But seriously its about my first time ever..budgeting! Yes, I’ve always rolled my eyes about people talking about tracking their money everyday all the time until…I tried it. Don’t get me wrong, I’m not careless about money. I grew up being told to invest as I was lectured by my parents who are big on investing and I still do to this day.

I just have bad habits. Like, the other day I really wanted to buy 5 pairs of shoes. Really? I know. It’s #covid19 time, and there is nowhere to go out to. It took a lot of self parenting to talk myself out of pressing that click button to approve card and cart. Sigh, those shoes were beautiful and I like pretty things. In fact, I can frequently be found almost comatose from ogling shoes and clothes online all day, refilling and emptying my basket. Sometimes I just close my eye and swipe. Until the pain of almost near pay day comes.

My next toxic habit is pharmacy shopping. Yes I really do need those overpriced scrubs, oils and lotions that I never use much and, a ton of cute notebooks, five million clips and cute pens and it could on. I call it boredom shopping because everything out here in #Jamaica is so marked up. I know I’m not the only one that does this! So I allocated $,5,000.00 to pharmacy and overan by $600.00. Trust me I would spend more in the pharmacy without that restriction like wayyy more. For food, I’m emotional. I love to treat myself to overpriced lunches at pricey places when I’m having a bad day, which when I first started my new job felt like everyday. Oh my pocket. Spanish Court might as well have given me voluntary residency. If your #Jamaican you know that as lovely as SC is, it ain’t cheap.

So for food out, I restricted myself to buying only callaloo and treated my Dad for father’s day. I felt so good. My bank account did too. And I could go on. I’m amazed at how much I’ve saved. #Covid19 has made me so conscious and appreciative of my blessings especially in #Jamaica where so many have lost their jobs and undertaken pay cuts.

God works in mysterious ways but I know his ways are good. I think this experience is his way of forcing me to become more conscious. How have you become more conscious? Every little bit counts. In fact, I’m so motivated that I can’t wait to do my spreadsheet for July. As of late, I’ve gone spreadsheet crazy on everything, but that’s a story for another time.

Track your money folks, you’d be amaze at how much you waste. It all adds up. If you’ve ever wondered why you can’t treat yourself to a super fancy or nice vacation or staycation end of year, the answer may be in your penchant for something as simple as buying those expensive face scrubs you don’t need. You’d be surprised.

Cheers to conscious living.

Till next time xx-DD

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