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Truth? I’ve never been into cooking. But with all this downtime I’m having being quarantined with #covid19 in #Jamaica, I figure that now is the time to use the time wisely. Afterall, there is a chinese proverb “In every crisis there is an opportunity”. I whole-heartedly agree, never waste a crisis. So cooking has been on a part of my list to hone during this unusual time. I want to come out of this experience having grown and developed. Don’t you? Plus get extra practice while waiting for my husband in the making. Ha ha. If your Caribbean or Jamaican you know we love our food.

So imagine my delight when trying my hand at banana bread and lasagna I gave the best sampler my four year old Nephew who yelled out “Dee this is delicious!!!”. They say kids say the darndest things and one thing I know for sure is kids are honest with their opinion.That motivated me to say hmm now will I cook next? I know my nephew is honest,adults will try sugar coat it but it was gobbled up by everyone in my house!:).

My takeaways from my furore into cooking, it takes patience, attention to detail and confidence ! Who can go wrong from developing those?

Cooking is just one of the things to my skillset though and I think it’s important that as humans we self assess how we can learn and grow continuously. Soo this post is short but I am feeling pretty excited and sharing the pics of my banana bread and butternut squash and spinach lasagna.

What have you been working on recently? Or are you bogged down in the news?

PS: I’ve stopped watching the news..so much so I forgot what time curfew was when I was out on the road late..but that’s a story for another time.

Till next time xx-DD

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