I did yoga for 30 days Straight- Review of 30 day Home Challenge Yoga with Adriene

Truth ? I’ve never been a yogini. Is that the word for it? In fact, I am a jumpy or should I say was a jumpy person which got worst especially with #covid19. So after lots of researching, I discovered #yoga which is practised a lot in #Jamaica and its touted health benefits of the mind body unison and its healing powers such as for anxiety, depression and it goes on. The literature I read were a mix of scientific journals, casual blogs and health mags and the yoga sites.

So I thought as a #caribbean girl why not try yoga? I’ve been loving YouTube and from my youtube research discovered, Yoga With Adriene. So I decided to take the #yogawithadriene #ywa 30 day Home challenge. It was rough for me in the beginning and some days I started off like her dog Benji sometimes lying on the mat which has been marked up by my baby nephew, before getting into it. I did it every day for 30 days.In fact, I only missed one day but got back on it and doubled the following. And now? I’m hooked! I’m starting to feel happier and calmer. So here are my takeaways:

  1. You become more empathetic-I’ve always been an empath so I feel and absorb the emotions of others around me but a judgmental one. I’ve started being more empathetic, and seeing it from that person’s point of view and definetly judging less. It’s amazing and has definetly made me pause on a lot of things.
  2. Eases Anxiety- My anxiety has been less these days. It’s not gone, but it’s manageable and that has been life changing for me. My panic attacks I get the ones where you feel like your dying and yelp sometimes are going away, which is miraculous! #Anxiety is not a nice thing to have. I’m hoping after doing yoga for twelve weeks which is the ultimate goal, it will disappear completely.
  3. The Divine/God- It really is a mind body soul unison. I’ve always been spiritual and followed Christian beliefs. It really has brought me closer to God I must say. He is Real. Realer than my obsession with chocolate and anything I’ve ever known.
  4. It will make you cry unexpectedly/open- I am a rare #INFJ personality based on the Myers-Briggs personality test and I feel frequently feel misunderstood. Try out the #myersbriggs test guys. We hoard our emotions and suppress negative feelings and gloss things over. We are unusually sensitive. Any INFJs in the house?Essentially, in short, we love to have a bubblegum view of the world, believe everyone means well, and are unable to handle and process negative emotions well. We always want to feel happy. After my breakups last year plus a couple deaths of people I’ve danced with, grandfather, and a friend, and colleague all close together, I’ve been puffing out my chest, oh I’m fine, I’m fine, la,la,la. Right. And then Christmas came and the bad feelings but I was unable to cry. Here’s the thing, I’m born one week before Christmas and every holiday season I am always happier than the lark. Not this time, it manifested itself in my anxiety, panic attacks and “tinnitus”, some weird sound that I’ve never had in my life. I knew I needed to cry but the tears wouldn’t come. At all funerals, my eyes were dry. I was bothered that I could not cry but boy did yoga make me cry and in #Jamaica we say #bawl. It makes you release everything you’ve been holding in and I am so excited about that. I welcome the overdue tears. In fact whenever I cry these days, I get really excited.Weird I know. In fact, I cried on day 30 too. But I’m opening again. If you need to feel or open and feel what you don’t want to feel ,yoga is for you. It releases you.
  5. Self-Love and Self Compassion- I’ve been binging myself on podcast, self love literature,books, videos non-stop hoping to magically feel better. I know some days aren’t going to be happy, that’s life ,but I like to feel good. I digress, It’d work sometimes, for awhile. Then I’d start to doubt myself and ruminate. Classic infj quality, rumination. Yoga makes you ruminate less or none at all. I knew it started to work when I started to say to myself “Girl you are amazing, you deserve to be happy, you deserve the best, you beautiful thing you. It’s okay to make mistakes.”, “You are not perfect, and you don’t need to be.” “God’s got this” (how freeing to truly feel that) “It’s okay to have a bad day” and “its OK to not feel okay”, naturally.And yes self love teaches all of that, but what happened is I started to say it automatically. All of a sudden, these beautiful thoughts started to pop in my head randomly. Without intention, as before, I’d have to train my mind to think but it just happens now. The negative self chatter because your mind automatically drifts to the negative, is less and going away. And that it is mind blowing. I can’t wait to see what happens when I continue for the twelve more weeks.I am so truly inspired, I may just keep it up for the rest of the year. With the way how 2020 is going, it’s like a whole year in each month, I may need to.
  6. You will drop people- As I start to love myself more, I’m beginning to be able to step away from things and step back from people that are not good for me. Yoga makes you really in tune to feel these things. Your gut gets turnt all the way up. You realise you don’t need to people please and that whatever and whomever is supposed to be in your life, will be in your life. I am able now to let go of the things and people that do not serve me. I’ve always heard the phrase in yoga “leave it all on the mat” and it’s true. Each time, I step on the mat, I leave it all there and release. That mat is like magic.
  7. It’s therapy- Yoga serves you in so many ways. I can’t describe them all here. You have to experience it for yourself.
  8. It’s not Easy- Yoga is not easy. It’s not all zen and butterflies. It’s hard, damn hard actually especially as a beginner and sometimes I struggle but I push through. There is a reason, those seasoned yogis looks so strong and toned!. But I show up every single day, looking weird and not getting the poses exactly.Nothing worth having is easy and yoga will teach you that. But it’s worth it, I promise you.
  9. Your body changes- I’ve gotten um longer. It looks that way. I don’t know how else to describe it. You get leaner and more toned, it affects muscle that don’t get reached in other excercises. Your posture improves, so you looks taller and you get STRONG. I lift weights but this is a different kind of strong. Everything gets easier, burpees, running, dancing and that is exciting. Excercises I previously couldn’t do or struggle through all of a sudden, I can do now. I’m no couch potato, I love to excercise actually, so with these yoga benefits I’m here for that!
  10. Perfection and Consistency- Yoga is not about being perfect. If you are a perfectionist, it releases you from that. In fact if you saw me doing yoga, you may laugh lol. I do the poses, but I can’t get them all exactly right and that’s OK. Sometimes I tumble over too.Another time, I nearly threw out my knee. It’s about being consistent. Showing up every day,whether you feel like it or not and consistency is really my only goal this year. I’m here for all that.
  11. Home- Home is internal. I can see why she themed it that. Home is happiness and it really does make you more positive.Home, I am. Thank you, Adriene ,for changing my life.
  12. Yoga with Adriene:https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KWBfQjuwp4E&list=PLui6Eyny-UzzFFfpiil94CUrWKVMaqmkm, that’s the link.

So I laugh as I read that last sentence about yoga changing your life and would roll my eyes when people would say it in their reviews online, but yoga really does change your life. It’s stable and consistent when you follow through and has kept me grounded through these challenging times. I will be doing yoga for the rest of the year!:)

The yoga community is big in #Jamaica and I can’t wait to resume or should I say properly commit to real life classes when this is all over. Cheers to life! Till next time-xx DD

#yoga #convertedyogini #yogawithadriene #yogainjamaica #ywa #30dayhomeyogawithadrienechallenge #healyourlife

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