Hello there Lovelies! Been a minute today I’ve decided to focus on the positives of this #quarantine experience in the beautiful island of #Jamaica> Nowehere else I’d rather be. I love my country.

So the positives:

  1. Drive outs- The good old days of drive-outs with the family are back! I love driving around going nowhere in particular with my family. We take the time to appreciate the beautiful landscape of our country, the sunrises and sunsets. We also notice and appreciate the little things we’d miss, the way the leaves fall, the exotic birds, the many lookout points on our beautiful island. It makes me realise not to take the simple things for granted .
  2. YouTube and self-reliance- You Tube has everything. I’m not sure I’m going back to the hairdresser after this my hair is thriving from all the million how-to You-Tube videos I’ve been watching. I don’t cook, I used to tell people I’m the latter from the Jamaican song, yuh betta can cook think you deya for your pretty looks”. Translation: You better can cook along with being pretty. Proud to say, I can now boast to both. Honey garlic pork chops anyone?
  3. Better conversations- The quality of conversations with everyone has gotten better and longer. From deep to absolutely light. I love it all.
  4. Getting to know self- I’m loving the process, the good , the bad, the ugly. You better love yourself first. It’s a lovely journey.
  5. Nature- So soothing. I appreciate it more. Even the annoying crickets. I could watch sunsets for hours and sunrise. The leaves moving in the wind. God is sheer beauty, and you see it in his creations in nature, boy, does he have good taste.
  6. Life- Because at first I used to have a bubblegum view of life. Appreciating it only it was good. But you have to love it all, sometimes it’s great and sometimes your like “Press Pause” . But it is a gift and it is beautiful.

Till next time-xx DD

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