What makes you happy?

You know strangely enough I am in a weird way getting used to this #quarantine, what about you guys? Since I’ve been spending so much time indoors with myself, I realise that I really have to get to know myself some more.

We spend so much time distracting ourselves with things,the TV,social media, our phones, food, that it’s like we avoid ourselves. So I’ve been reading alot of self help material and it says that joy and happiness are cultivated and I agree! When was the last time you though about things that made you happy? When was the last time you listed what you loved doing instead of being bogged down in #covid19 news ? I’ve stopped watching the news, that has made me happy.

So I’ve decided to list what some of what makes me happy, here goes!

  1. Dancing non-stop until I’m dripping yes I’m a dancer (just a lawyer by profession), but dancing is my first love;
  2. Reading;
  3. Listening to Podcasts- I highly recommend the app PocketCasts,(From Oprah to Joel Olsteen) they have it all;
  4. Painting and photography;
  5. Drawing;
  6. Excercising
  7. Eating unfortunately, haha;
  8. Eating chocolate;
  9. Learning new intellectual material;
  10. Studying;
  11. Affection (um I’m not a baby ho:D in a relationship of course);
  12. Drinking wine;
  13. Listening to spiritual stuff , the Word y’all;
  14. Quality time with friends and family;
  15. Road trips;
  16. Being lost in nature;
  17. Singing loudly in the shower;
  18. Blasting music;
  19. Pretending I’m a rockstar;
  20. Deep conversations, because those are priceless

And it goes on! I love listing things can you tell? But I’m loving this period and self growth and discovery in this time period of #quarantine. I ask myself what is this teaching me and loving the answers along the way . When was the last time you thought about what makes you happy? Energy goes where attention flows . Till next time-DD!

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