Love in Quarantine

Recently, I stumbled on an article that there is now a Love in Quarantine app. Like, what, really? I guess people are feeling lonely in #quarantine given #covid19 and I get that. As a single woman in #Jamaica I feel it too. I’ve been in traffic and men have been beeping and winking at me, while I put on hand sanitiser. Of all things.

Then there is Linkedin. I’m not sure when Linkedin became a dating site, but I’ve been getting messages from the Middle East, Nigeria, all over the world from men trying to up conversation and to add me to their WhatsApp. #WhatsApp oh WhatsApp that’s for another post.

But I get it loneliness makes you do strange things. I’ve been there. In #Jamaica we say no shame tree, and I have no shame tree in declaring that I have done out of character things years ago because I could not process how to be lonely and be OK with it,

And because I’ve been there way before this #pandemic occurence many years ago, I am #selfaware of my behaviour when those feelings start to creep up. I will say though that be careful of who you lean on in these times and who reaches out during these times that are like the twilightzone. I say this because not all attempts from people reaching out are genuine. They just want someone to make them feel good.

And because I am self aware I stop myself from reaching out to exes and limit the conversations from exes who are suddenly reaching out because they are oh so concerned how I am doing in life because of this pandemic. It is hard, but because I’ve learnt to love myself I do it

I get that #covid19 makes us rethink alot about life but I don’t think it’s an excuse to revisit exes and old relationships/situationships, whatever they calling it these days. All of a sudden. I guess I should give the good old “everyone’s different” , Right? Moving on…

I’ve learnt that its OK to be lonely. Feel the loneliness. Sit with it, it’s a part of the human experience. Call a friend/family member/loved one, revisit a hobby. Connect yes, but holistically too.

Love when your ready not when your lonely. Till next time DD-xx

“Love when you are ready not when you are lonely”

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