The Good Good Friday

Soo in the beautiful island of #Jamaica we are celebrating Good Friday, and appreciation for Christ for dying for our sins. Everytime I see the movies I just go Ouchhh and I’m a sap a cry, in patois #bawl. Judge me:D I’m calling this “Good Good Friday”. Yes you read correctly.

If your Jamaican you know we are a religious country and that’s synonomous with our love for #bunandcheese, but boy friends to tell you the truth with all the #quarantine eating I been doing, I can’t afford that. And I love my bun and cheese, just not how it makes you because you know that makes you fat, and besides who has one slice?

I spent my Good Friday avoiding #covid19 news and spending more time in the Word, and practising #selfcare. I don’t know about you guys but I’m determined to come out of this #quarantine totally transformed. It was either that mindset or get as big as a house. Haha.

My #selfcare was meditation on God’s promise, I truly believe he is in control and everything serves a Greater plan. I spent the day not in fear or panicking but listening to Joel Olsteen, meditations from my Insight Timer App and just revisiting one of my #hobbies which is photography. What did you guys do?

There is something about being outside with nature isn’t it? It’s so calming and relaxing and makes you realise we are all connected and one. I took lots of picture of the flowers. Have you stopped , paused, slowed down and looked at the details in flowers, the leaves? When was the last time you looked up at the sky?

God sure has good taste and knows how to make beautiful things. Everything is so intricate and wonderfully made, there is no doubt in my mind that He is real and He is risen. All will be well friends, and remember He makes everything beautiful in His time. Hope you enjoy my #photography collage of flowers that I enjoyed capturing on my Good Good Friday. Till Next Time-DD

PS: place hot B! Geezam #tropical living

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