Reset and Quarantining it!

Sooo… I think in every experience there is an opportunity! In this beautiful island of #Jamaica yep we have cases here of #covid19. Yes, this experience is rough let’s face it, but I think it’s what you do with it while in #quarantine. For me this quarantine with the #covid19 issue has paused me to slow down and rethink a lot of things. It’s a time to #reset.I’m always so busy going going going as a -lawyer, that I neglected my #selfcare and lack of routines and I don’t know if anyone else can relate but just being all over the place. But! I’m getting it together, I’ve started to build routines, spend more time with friends and family and lately art . What has quarantine meant to you and how have you been spending the time? I’ve decided to use it build me. I’ll share more over the next couple posts but for now see attached my artwork, and remember friends,this too will pass! These are my watercolor pieces so far. I’m an amateur, judge me!:D For some reason painting relaxes me, I think I read online that they have #arttherapy. Whichever it’s relaxing! Till next time xo #DD

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